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Romantic (in every sense)

Romantic (in every sense)

I think hell is something you carry around with you. Not somewhere you go.

— Gaiman, Neil. The Sandman. (via wordsnquotes)

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the empty hearse preview at bfi; pics by 365londontown (x) 

the empty hearse preview at bfi; pics by 365londontown (x

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Not all great actors make great Hamlets. But Cumberbatch has the skills surely to yoke in the melancholy, wild optimism and nobility of this most fascinating and irresolvable of roles. He should make a sweet prince indeed…

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russian literature: a summary

ivan ivanovich ivanov is an upper middle class student who is madly in love with maria petrovna petrova! BUT maria petrovna petrova loves dmitri dmitrivich dmitrov who is a nihilist upper middle class student!

ivan ivanovich ivanov goes through a long soul searching journey before realizing all life is petty and meaningless and eventually dying alone and unloved of tuberculosis while dmitri dmitrivich dmitrov marries maria petrovna petrova 

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hay x

hay x

i want to do a simple but heartfelt shout-out to karin woywod. practically everyday she generously lets us enjoy the rewards of her work though the high-res and perfectly attributed pics of BC that otherwise we wouldn’t have access to. and that’s awesome.

(pls reblog to thank her too ;)

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because of the HAIR it’s like the oracle of delphi has spoken…. ;)

because of the HAIR it’s like the oracle of delphi has spoken…. ;)

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